Hi there! My name is Leslie Somerville, and I'm 33 years old. I'm married to  Tom, my dream guy (a firefighter) and we live in Washington, but I grew up in beautiful Tomioka Town

In 2008 I came to the US and this is where I met Tom, who co-incidentally lived with this parents in Tomioka Town for a few years. His father worked for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication in Japan.

Why this blog? I love fashion and shoes! Athletic shoes to be precise.

For as long as i can remember, the people of Tomioka have always been obsessed with beauty, fashion and fitness, and I’m no exception as I’ve been under that spell ever since I stopped suckling.

Physical exercise and education have always been my passion, and not to brag but I have numerous accolades (among them is a superb body) to show for it—basketball, soccer, athletics, long jump, bowling and aerobics.

Having spent a vast majority of my time working out, I have managed to, through research, trial and error, accumulate a rich, deep and vast reservoir of knowledge that's guaranteed to make any workout session not only just bearable, but comfortable, enjoyable and safe, consequently helping you achieve the most optimum results.

At the core of my knowledge treasure vault is footwear. The right, proper athletic footwear to grace your feet during those strenuous workouts! I have managed to single out the most important essentials necessary for any athletic shoe brand worth its salt to grace this industry. From the very basic "must haves" to extra or bonus features to look out for—fit, comfort, function, durability, ventilation, overall value for money comparison, shoes for special needs (flat feet, uneven feet) etc.

Having cost me blood, sweat and tears (and I’m not just speaking figuratively here!),plus many years too, I believe I’m sufficiently endowed in this department to say that my two cents worth on this issue are actually made of gold.

And based on all that bragged about knowledge and my lovely, generous nature, I've decided to come up with this comprehensive blog to help everyone out there gather all the necessary know-how when it comes to athletic shoes, whether you’re a clueless beginner or a seasoned athletic footwear expert, there's definitely something for everyone.

I'll not just give you tips on features to look out for, but will also include brands that I personally endorse, with quick links to both view and purchase them.

That said, I hope to have you on my site again and again, it won't wear out! Have a good day and stay on your feet, won't you?