Finish Line Started in 1976

Finish Line is a company that has been around for almost 40 years. Read their history here. Finish Line today partners with shoe blogs through affiliate programs (example). When a new product is released, often a blogger will write about it, and link to the relevant page on where the product can be purchased.

My absolute favorite place to get shoes is Finish Line. I can say this without reservation because whether I walk into a Finish Line story or I go online to shop at I always find what I want, always, always. And of course, woman to woman you know how important it is for us to be able to find shoes when we need them. So without further ado, I am going to speak about my top 5 five favorite shoes from Finish Line in no particular order.

1. Nike Force Sky High Casual Shoes

Have you ever wanted to go out looking chic but the event is not appropriate for heels, and sandals would sort of be out of place? Of course you have! I find the Women’s Nike Force Sky High Casual Shoes to be the perfect solution for this conundrum. The colour is perfect because black, white and silver goes with everything! Plus right now they are down to $69.98 from $84.99, if you’re like me, the only thing you love more than shoes, is a shoe sale because you get more shoes cheaper!

2. Nike Benassi JDI Print Slide Sandals

Women's Nike Benassi JDI Print Slide Sandals

Now, what I said just now is not to be taken to mean that I am anti-sandals; in fact I’m not. It’s just that sandals are not made for every occasion and I feel confident that you will agree with me on that. But for the occasions where they are welcome, I find that the Women’s Nike Benassi JDI Print Slide Sandals to be a dream sandal! First of all, they are not thong sandals (shout out to all the thong sandals lovers) but I love to push my feet into sandals without restrictions on my toes, maybe because I love to pair my sandals with socks to protect my feet against the sun. I’m not weird, don’t judge me J Anyway, if you are looking to get new sandals, check it out its currently just $30.

3. Converse Chuck Taylor Ox Casual Shoes


Now everybody knows that every boy and every gal has to have a pair of go to sneakers. Your go to sneakers are the ones that you drag on when you have to go to get some milk because you didn’t realize you were running out, when you have to go to the day care to pick up the kids because you didn’t realize the time was running out so fast. You get the point. In those times you want something comfortable and which will not get dirty easily because after all your go to shoe gets a lot of action. For this reason I love my Converse Chuck Taylor Ox Casual Shoes. Although they come in red, mine are black so I use them a lot without worrying if I’m mismatched when I have to rush and for only $50 they are totally durable and totally worth it

4. Nike Free 4.0


I absolutely love this running shoe! And it's not just me. Many people love it. I started my get fit journey not too long ago and I think I’ve only continued because of this shoe. It fits absolutely perfectly and does all the good for my feet. The grove designs help your feet move natural instead of feeling like you’re striking hard against a rigid rock and it has great cushioning features that work wonders for flat-footed persons like myself. For less than $100 starting at $90 it is totally a great buy.

5. Reebok True Studio Yoga Slipper 2.0

Women's Reebok True Studio Yoga Slipper 2.0

A part of my fitness journey includes doing Yoga! This cute little show definitely makes my Yoga more enjoyable giving my feet the grip and support they need to maintain all those different stances! Man that can make you work up a sweat. If you’re into Yoga this is the perfect time to cop this shoe for half the price at only $30.