Several years ago, a friend of mine had come over to the US for his student exchange year program from Japan. He and I had often communicated online about our shared interest in anime when we were young, so I took this opportunity to invite him over to my parent's house for a week's stay. When he arrived, I was taken aback by his eccentric style. He had a bucket hat on his head—which I learned later was a new fashion trend in Japan—and he was sporting really comfy and rainbow colored sneakers from ASICS. I remember checking up on the logo and the Company's history because I wanted sneakers just like the ones he was wearing. ASICS is an acronym for a Latin phrase: "anima sana in corpore sano", which means "a healthy mind inside a healthy body".


My friend used to live in a small place called Tomioka Town in Fukushima, Japan. He told me that his town had a population of only 15,839 people, though after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster in December, 2014, it has now become a ghost town. I remember him showing me pictures of his townsfolk, his family and his small, immaculate bonsai garden. I was absolutely taken in by what he told me, and my fascination with his country later inspired me to stay in Japan for work for several years. While staying in Japan, I learned a lot of their fashion wear which may seem too outlandish for straight-cut folks with conventional tastes. During one summer, the streets donned a beautiful explosion of cherry-themed fashion trend. Every shop had beautiful sun dresses displayed with cherries drawn on the garment, and I often passed by pedestrians who looked confident in their funky shoes with dangling red cherries as embellishment.

It was during my stay in Japan that I got myself my first pair of ASICS shoes. The founder of this Company, Kihachiro Onitsuka, started the new design collection of striped shoes which became quite a big hit in Japan and the US as well. These shoes were designed for athletic purposes, and my fitness lifestyle improved much more when I started to do my regular gym and yoga practice while wearing these shoes. Now that I am back in the US, I still wear these sports shoes to do my daily workouts. These shoes last for quite a long time and are incredibly comfortable. I love the footpads that these shoes have, and their soles offer a lot of flexibility to my feet so that I can continue with my workouts without tiring easily.

I was quite apprehensive about having to buy these shoes from Japan and paying a hefty sum for the import costs. But some online browsing led me to footwear fashion sites like and, and I was quite happy to note that these online stores have a very satisfying collection of ASICS shoes! The Onitsuka Tiger by ASICS is the brand that is quite popular in the US, and 6pm is offering these shoes at affordable prices! Last time I checked, I found some promo codes that offered more discounts on the competitive prices of these amazing shoes! I immediately bought the Ultimate 81 Onitsuka Tiger shoes of ASICS at a good deal of only $30. also stores some amazing ASICS pair that I have been very excited to browse through. The Women's ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri Running shoes are available for $139 but with coupon codes I bought them at a very decent price. And it was totally worth the money, since they are extremely strong and supple at the same time. They provide me with ample space for my feet to relax and breathe. The ASICs shoes are engineered with safety and comfort being considered as top priorities. Their performance has always been commendable and I believe that buying ASICS shoes from these online stores is a very good investment!

I also bought the Men's ASICS GT-2000 3 running shoes for my boyfriend Tom (update: Tom and I are now married). We both go jogging together sometimes, and these two pair of ASICS shoes will make quite a matching combination! I have always been grateful to my friend from Japan who introduced me to the wonder of ASICS shoes. These shoes have helped me to live an active life and maintain good healthy feet. If you are looking for very high quality shoes at decent price, you should definitely buy these ASICS sports shoes from and

More About Finish Line and

You probably like shopping as much as I do, but with the skyrocketing prices of shoes, clothes and accessories at retail stores, stretching your budget may seem to be the only way to go to buy the nice items you actually want, right? Well, not necessarily, since I have found a better and more economical way to shop without breaking the bank. Ever since I started shopping and using Finishline coupon codes and 6pm coupons, I realized that it's not impossible to get the things I want at insanely low prices. How do I do this? I regularly visit coupon sites like FatWallet and find the latest deals.

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So, I searched the internet for the term "6pm coupon code 10 off", as I have heard people save at least 10% on 6pm. I would  use this 6pm promo code to shop for a couple of bags and some shoes, and guess what – I found more than what I was expecting to get! In fact, let me share with you some of the current 6pm discount codes that I came across today:

  • Up to 75% off designer handbags
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  • Up to 50% off Steve Madden sales and coupons

You don't need a code to redeem these discounts. The promotion is reflected in the price once you visit the site. Sounds great? I bet you're as thrilled as I am just to know that shopping for designer bags and branded items doesn't have to mean spending more than you should. Seriously, there are more coupons and promos that you can use for shopping online, and those were only some of what I have found (which I find really interesting since I'm a shoes and bag junkie).

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After coming across those coupon codes, I checked the available items at with marked down prices. These are what I have discovered, so far:

  • Aldo Denman Satchel (from $60 to $47)
  • Guess La Vida Logo Slim Clutch (from $40 to $25.99)
  • Mg Logan Madden Girl (from $68 to $30.99)
  • Cutout Clutch by Gabriella Rocha (from $80 to $49.99)
  • Vera Cruz Mini Crossbody (from $56 to $35.99)
  • Bleeker Messenger by Relic (from $64 to $40.99)

I found these items in the "handbags, $50 and under" category at the site, and I'm looking to buy a couple of these, plus a few pairs of Steve Madden shoes that are currently on sale, too. By the way, also offers items from famous brands including Nike, Oakley, Nine West and Clarks - so that should give you more options to choose from.

So, these are just my two cents on I'm so relieved that shopping is made even more exciting and economical, which means I get to buy more without going overboard with my budget. You will not believe how much savings you can expect at 6pm, and I personally believe that I have found my new go-to place for online shopping.

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