Please allow us to introduce our town of Tomioka

Tomioka is in the Fukushima Prefecture of Japan.It is located in the center of the eastern Pacific coastal region known as Hamadori. To the north of Tomioka is Okuma Town, to the west is KawauchiVillage as well as Abukuma Mountain. To the southis Naraha Town.Tomioka has an area of 68.47 square kilometers, with a population of approximately 16,000.
Tomioka River flows through the city straight to the Pacific Ocean.The western most part of Tomioka is located in the Takigawa Valley at the base of Abukuma Mountain. The highest mountain in Tomioka is Mt.Okura, which is very scenic with its large forest. The pebbly beaches of Tomioka are known for their fishing, the most popular spot being Hotokehama. Because of its location between the mountains and ocean, Tomioka is naturally beautiful. Its coastal area is noted for its dramatic scenery, ranging from sandy shores to rocky cliffs. The average annual rainfall of 1.196mm, and the average temperature of 12.2C, make Tomioka a most comfortable place to live.

An Abundance of Beautiful Flowers

* The main attraction for which Tomioka is famous is its wealth of cherry blossoms. The main street is lined with trees that form a floral arch through which many people enjoy driving and walking. At night the trees are lit with lights, creating an aweinspiring sight. The cherry trees are filmed many times each year by visiting.

* Yonomori Station is the place to see a beautiful array of Azaleas.

* There is an iris garden in Yonomori Park, as well. A narrow foot path runs through so that you may stroll among the irises.

Historical Tomioka

* Tomioka enjoys a long history which is, in part, celebrated by a fire festival at Hayama Shrine at which residents pray for a prosperous harvest.

*There are many shrines in the town, the main ones being: Hayama, Koyasu,and Suwa Shrines; as well as Number 33, which is the thirty-third shrine in a pilgrimage path which spans the country.

* Tomioka would not be complete without Iwaido Hot Springs where many people come to relax.

* Green Field Tomioka Recreation Complex boasts various athletic fields as well as reasonably priced public accommodations.

* Enjoy sports and recreation in Tomioka. Sports campgrounds for students of all ages are available, as well as a sports complex which includes baseball and football fields, a large gym, and indoor tennis courts.

The Social Welfare of Tomioka

The social welfare of Tomioka has a "hands joined by warm hearts" philosophy. Many social facilities are offered for residents from near and far.

* Touhuu-Sou: Nursing home facility providing care for the elderly.

* Tateyama-Sou: Center specializing in caring for geriatric patientswith illnesses.

* Touyou- Gakuen: Wellness center for minors suffering from mental disorders.

* Touyou-Ikuseiin: Center providing care for mentally incapacitated people of all ages

Fukushima Dai Ni

The Fukushima Dai Ni nuclear power plant is located in Tomioka and is the supplier of energy to Tokyo. It's no exaggeration to say that Tomioka gives life to Tokyo.

* Cherry blossoms in Yonomori Park are at their most brilliant in April, when the more than 2000 trees are in full bloom. Visitors can find two kinds of cherry blossoms at Yonomori. Both sides of the 2,500m main street, are lined by cherry trees which form a tunnel over the road when in bloom. This is especially beautiful at night when the trees are lit up. It's an amazing sight that must be seen in person to be appreciated.. You forget the passing of time walking through such a flower wonderland. Bring the kids! Fun for the whole family

* Azaleas are best viewed at Yonomori Station at their peak season in mid-May. The tracks are lined on both sides with the colorful blooms.

* Mid-June is the peak season to walk among the irises at Yonomori Tsutsumi Park. Don't miss the footpath that winds through the iris garden.