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We collect information in the following ways:

We have provided a Comment Form for you to give us feedback and positive thoughts. Here we ask for your name, and a correct email. You may also provide a personal website which we may visit.

We have a Contact Us form where visitors’ names and correct email addresses are entered. This is another way of reaching us when you do not have a comment yet.

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We also use Website/Visitor Analytics. This provides a way for us to see what pages our visitors have enjoyed, and the links that they clicked while they we with us.

The information that we collect is used as follows:

We use this information for website optimization. When we understand what our visitors are looking for, and how they search for it, we can make their job easier and more enjoyable.

We also collect cookies which help us get to know you better. This can tell us where you are from, your preferences, and when you visited. These can be controlled from your browser in a way that best suits you.

We may share information about you with third parties that we trust. Should we decide to do this, it be with you in mind. We are all about improving your online experience.

It is important that you understand that we are a blog and as such do not sell any products. We provide information and reviews on athletic shoes and apparel that are popular.

We hope this policy makes you feel comfortable.

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