After the vivid followers raised a #savethelaunch protest Brooks has finally unveiled Launch 2. Being an upgraded version, Launch 2 is slightly on the heavier side, although still weighing no more than 8oz which is pretty light, and has an added feature of BioMoGo DNA material in the sole. It still retains its soft and comfortable touch. With a perfect balance in forefoot & heel cushioning along with low stiffness, an enthusiastic runner is going to be all excited.I know it cause I am! Trust me!

Bio Mogo DNA Brooks Launch 2

Features :

1. Sole Unit

Brooks Launch 2 comes has a DNA logo on its back which looks like a special gel-like component made from a non-Newtonian fluid. I would like to say that the sole is adaptive and mercuric in nature as it changes from soft to tough when smacked. Intriguing, isn't it? The midsole/outsole undercarriage is more responsive, since you feet will get stiff support exactly when your feet touches the ground. Further, a horseshoe groove has been added to the outer sole to acclimate to different crust.

Segmented Crashpad Brooks LAunch 2

Ample cushioning has been provided in order to keep it as a snugger but on the downside you can't get too technical with these shoes. The Launch 2 provides a nice mid-foot to push-off transition.It is perfect for tempo runs and high volume intervals. The ground contact and tread points wont be able to withstand rough handling, so i would advise against over pronation.

2.Upper Unit

The toe box introduces us to a dual layered mesh.What makes the shoe more breathable is the large pockets on the outer mesh and a tightly woven fabric on the inner. Although the dual layered mesh may be the matter of concern as the pair gets old. The rest of the upper closer to the laces and continuing around the rear is made of a thicker and more supportive fabric. Brian Metzler, the editor-in-chief of competitor magazine has to say that "This is the shoe for you if … you’re looking for a soft, cushy neutral-oriented shoe for high-mileage training," and I agree!

These pairs are true to their size and are usually a perfect fit. Like every other shoe, it has some minor cons like ineffective use of reflective material,snagged mesh that can wear out in a long run. Even then when compared with one of its competitors "Saucony" which has similar features i would still say Launch 2 has an upper-hand. Nonetheless, after a long run you will realize why this is a must have pair. Just go for it! And did i mention how versatile they are?

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